Our Fleet

From just 10 vessels in 2006, Swiber has expanded dynamically to own and operate a young and extensive operating fleet of 51 vessels, comprising 38 offshore vessels and 13 construction vessels.

Swiber's fleet of modern and well-equipped construction and support vessels is one of Swiber's key assets in upholding Swiber's reputation as a leading global services provider to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

With Swiber's vessel fleet, control over the coordination and streamlining of Swiber's work processes are thus enhanced. In addition, our one-stop capabilities translate into greater efficiencies, leading to the timely delivery of our projects and a highly competitive pricing for our customers.

Swiber has also expanded its existing shipyard with a second secured lease in February 2014. The combined total area of over approximately 3.6 hectares and strategic waterfront land of 220 metres will provide repair and conversion facilities for our fleet of vessels. With the expansion, Swiber also has an enhanced offshore fabrication capacity for structure mass of up to 300 tons.