Vision, Mission, and TRADEmark Values


To be a sustainable, Globally Competitive Company (GCC) in the offshore industry.


To deliver to our clients their offshore projects safely on time, before time, all the time by subordinating all processes and personnel from start to finish.

Our TRADEmark Value


We are trusted for our integrity, honesty, reliability, fairness and sincerity in our work with our partners, customers and employees.


We respect and value each other's views. We respect the laws of the countries we operate in and the confidentiality of information provided by our clients and employees. We win as a team.


We affirm and recognise the contributions made by our partners, clients and employees to the success of our business. We value our employees, encourage their contributions and develop them to their fullest potential. We practice the 101% principle in affirmation - finding the 1% we can affirm, and giving it 100% of our attention.


We are determined to succeed and will always rise up to any challenge. We are known for our resolve in solving any problems faced by us or our clients and partners.


We excel in everything that we do and are committed to delivering jobs of the highest quality, exceeding our customers' expectations.